New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA)

Clear Waters quarterly magazine

New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA) is a non-profit, educational organization in the field of water quality with 2,500 members representing diverse backgrounds and specialties.

Clear Waters is a technical magazine containing articles on water and environmental issues, regulatory changes, technological advances and updates on members and activities. The format was redesigned and given a new type treatment and layout with a polished, professional, scientific appeal. All of NYWEA’s 2,500 members receive the magazine.

Clear Waters Quarterly Magazine



Coyne Textile Services

Coyne Textile Services was a privately-owned industrial laundry and textile rental company. They were founded in 1929 and closed in 2015.

The design of the company’s 36-page catalog is based on the company literature redesign. The clean, airy look works well with the myriad products of the company.

Uniforms, Career Apparel, Imagewear Catalog


DeJulery Designs

Twice a year, the client promoted a new line of her jewelry with a catalog designed for the sales force and shows. The “True Beauty” catalog is comprised of 15 collections.

DeJulery Catalog “True Beauty”


Lok-N-Logs Inc.

Lok-N-Logs is a leader in sales and production of custom precut log homes, additions, recreational cabins and commercial buildings. Their nationally distributed catalog showcases a line of log homes, from recreational cottages to expansive homes and businesses.

Welcome Home Catalog