Trade Booth & Large Graphics

G&C Foods

In-house banners, promoting five areas of safety in a warehouse setting

This state-of-the-art warehouse is a busy hub for shipping and receiving. Banners were made to create visible reminders of worker safety.

G&C In-House SAFE Banners


Monaghan Medical Corporation

Monaghan Medical is a global leader in the development and manufacture of high quality aerosol drug delivery devices and respiratory management products. The open blue sky background for trade booths is open and literally “airy”!

Product display penguins, located on either side of the booth, showcase the company’s aerosol-delivery products.

Booth Backdrop and Product Penguins


New York Farm Viability Institute (NYFVI)

NYFVI is a grant-making organization led by volunteer farmers, funded primarily by New York State and focused on farm viability. Their mission is to help New York’s farmers become more profitable and improve long-term economic viability and sustainability of the state’s farms, food system and communities which they serve.

Updated Graphics of Tradebooth